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Ena Shibahara

WTA Doubles #4

Ena Shibahara WTA Doubles #4


Chase Thompson

Signed with Notre Dame

Isabella Chhiv

Signed with Princeton

Billy Griffith

ATP #636

Maegan Manasse

WTA #327

Anne Yang

Signed with Brown University

Ella Pachl

Signed with UC San Diego

Allison Isaacs

Signed with Old Dominion

Leila Sahyoun

Signed with Pomona College

Denis Nguyen

Signed with Navy

Maxi Duncan

Signed with Harvard University

Kamya Praveen

Signed with UC- Riverside

Gabriella Soliman

Signed with Brown University

Karthik Praveen Nai

Signed with Caltech

Katie Ta

Signed with Brown University

Yihao Huai

Signed with Brandeis University

Ailee Yu

4 star recruit class of 2024

Max Pham

Signed with UC Davisa

Cayden Wang

Signed with Vanderbilt University

Toby Luo

Signed with Brown Univeristy

Jack Cross

Signed with Cal Poly

Katelyn Smith

Signed with UC Davis

Ani Gupta

Signed with Harvey Mudd College

James Krantz

Signed with UC-San Diego

Kate Fakih

Signed with UCLA

Grant Gallagher

Signed with MIT

Alan Ton

Signed with Army

Ansel Lee

CDM High School

Connor Schlomer

Judy Kam

Signed with NYU

Reid Hashimoto

Justie Spitzer

Signed with Westmont College

Austen Orrantia

Santa Margarita High School

Olivia Allegre

Tristen Pham

CDM High School

Aspen Chung

Jamey Atallah

Joey Atallah

High Level Jr. Player

Anna Gubin

Uni High School

Michael Chen

High Performance Golfer

Alina Yu

Uni High School

Alex Denisova

Jonathan Shi

Sage Hill High School

Mirabelle Dean

Uni High School

Fiona Lee

Blue Chip Class of 2024

Dylan Duong

Canyon High School

Mason Bui

Signed with UC-Irvine

Edward Yang

Sage Hill High School